On Ramp Program May 6th-15th

The On-Ramp program is designed to teach the foundational movements of CrossFit in a safe environment before moving into regular classes. We provide an educational and low-stress environment where new members can ask questions, receive instruction, and get to know the coaches at CrossFit56.

This beginner program is a series of four classes held on Tuesday & Thursday at 6:00pm May 6th, 8th, 13th & 15th . Each class will last 45 minutes to 1 hour. We begin each session discussing the way classes are ran at CF56, the principals that make CrossFit work and so popular, and the theories behind the science. We than begin with a warm up, cover some of the basic CrossFit moves, then implement a short wod reinforcing the skills learned from the day. After the wod we will demonstrate some cool down practices, talk about mobility, nutrition, and answer any questions! You must attend all 4 classes before graduating the On Ramp Program. This is designed for anybody interested in CrossFit from the couch potatoes to world class athletes.

Cost is $40. Once you have completed the On-Ramp program, you will move into regular CrossFit classes. You will also be given a $20 discount towards your first purchase. Sign up quick as spots are limited!

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Run 1 mile

Work to heavy 4 push jerk


7 emom

5 chin ups

5 burpees

5 ttb

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Work to a heavy and perfect 1 set of the following complex

full squat snatch

full squat hang snatch


In teams of 2

18 amrap

10 wall balls

10 hrpu

10 ring dips

run 200m

p2 begins work when p1 starts running

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Great Job Festivus Athletes!!


4 x 8 back squat AHAP

rest 2 seconds at top


3 rounds

:45 work/:15 rest

Front Squat 115/75

Kb Swings 53/35


Push Press-Same


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4 x 5 shoulder press @ 70% 1rm


1 min max hrpu

then Annie!

then 1 min max burpees!

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row 10-100m sprints rest 10s between

4 x 10 c2b pull ups


14 amrap

run 200m/row 250m

16 kb swings 53/35

12 box jumps

8 pistols

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10 emom

Odd 3 deadlift @80% 1rm

even 8-10 v ups


5 emom

5 ttb

4 clean and jerk 95/65

rest 1

5 emom

4 thrusters

5 burpees

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Great job today!

15 min to find heavy clean complex


10 amrap

4 wall walks

8 burpees

12 jumping lunges

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