CrossFit 56 is a strength and conditioning facility that develops individuals, and athletes, to reach elite levels of fitness through high intensity, functional movements. We are located on South Main St. in beautiful downtown Princeton, IL. Our 3200 square facility is filled with top of the line equipment, the best coaches, and an amazing family working towards a common goal.

Over the past year and a half we have been coaching at CrossFit 56. During this time Jessica was able to get her L1 and CrossFit Kids certification. Nick was able to get his L1 certificate, Weightlifting certificate, and mobility certificate. Our amazing coaches have great ranges in experience and knowledge and have been one of our biggest assets. We would love nothing more than to teach CrossFit full time and are pushing to make that a reality. Watching the community form in front of your eyes is truly an amazing thing. CrossFit is so much more than an absolutely amazing workout. We have witnessed so many people’s confidence skyrocket. People get stronger, faster, and more importantly healthier.

This is the actual essay I presented to be approved for a CrossFit Gym:

Crossfit is not a workout, training routine, or lifting program. No, Crossfit is not something I can explain in just a few short sentences. Crossfit is not something I can show you in a half hour and expect you to understand. Crossfit is way more than a WOD, a fad, or a passing. Crossfit is the way I live my life, the standard I expect for myself, and what I want to share with the world!

For the past five years I have dragged myself to the gym at least five times a week. I have researched every routine, rep suggestion, intensity, and breaks between sets. I have tried the new 90 day workouts, the old school workouts and everything in between. I have tweaked my cardio, weight, sets, and diet. I have tried all the newest and best supplements on the market. Every week, month, year it was something new. The only thing that wasn’t new were my results.

A little more than a year ago I remember stumbling across an article about a Crossfit workout. I remember vaguely watching the games, and reading a few articles here and there. Since I had tried everything else I decided to give the exercise in the article a try. This little workout was named FRAN. Needless to say I was not able to complete Fran. In all honesty I couldn’t get past the first round of 21. Fran had every single muscle in my body feeling like pure jelly, and had me completely gassed. Never had I experienced such a painful defeat. Never had every muscle group in my body been tested while leaving me gasping for air. I was hooked!

Since that first encounter CrossFit has consumed my life. I went home and started researching CrossFit and now spend hours each night trying to learn as much as possible. I started doing main page WOD’s at my local gym with plenty of stares and questions from spectators. I completely changed every aspect of my life to make sure I was going to give each workout my all. I introduced the CrossFit methodologies to my wife who is now as addicted as I am.  I had never felt like a true athlete until I started CrossFit. And Finally I joined a CrossFit gym close to my work. Once I joined that CrossFit family I knew that I needed to fuel that fire and share my love, I need to give the gift I have been given, I need to open a CrossFit Gym.

When I am not training at CrossFit North Peoria I still train at my local gym. The equipment and layout of this gym are not at all conducive to CrossFit training but with a little improvisation everything is possible. While training a few friends I had realized that I should be doing what I love to do. I should be showing this small town what true fitness is all about. I should be giving this community that same sense of belonging and accomplishment that I feel every time I walk into that CrossFit gym.

I would like to share my passion for CrossFit in the small town of Princeton, IL. Princeton has a population of 7,700 and serves as the central hub for many small town located nearby. I would like to teach these people the CrossFit methodologies and beliefs. Our passion for CrossFit mixed with my business background, my wife’s customer service skills, and our combined enthusiasm should serve as a great jumping off point for a successful box. I plan on running all classes with the help of a few well qualified trainers. My wife will be my partner along the way offering assistance when needed. It is my intention that my wife and I attend multiple certification and seminars together to grow as coaches, push each other, and focus on foundations and safety first and foremost. We are very excited about the possibility to implement a CrossFit Kids program within a few years. We continually see kids becoming more docile and obese in our neighborhood with very few options and classes geared towards them. It is our intention to challenge that and empower these children’s lives just like our other athletes.

Our biggest reason for opening a CrossFit facility is the community. The sense of belonging that is created when all individuals are striving to better themselves is like nothing I have ever seen. CrossFit inspires the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary. When every member is working toward a common goal the bond created becomes unbreakable. We want our box to be the catalyst for this camaraderie. We plan on holding monthly events for our members, as well as our community, to help achieve fitness and teamwork. Through inspirations, intensity, safety, variation, and dedication we will create a sense of belongingness that is unknown to this town.

The goals for an affiliate go much deeper than financial and social status. We aim to have 50 athletes within the first year and to maintain a steady growth of at least 10% the following years. At this number we feel we will be able to keep the classes small with a high level of individualization, intensity, and safety. We hope to implement CrossFit Kids as quickly as possible to get the younger generation moving and health conscious. Our biggest driving point is to help each and every member surpass his or her own fitness goals.  Once each athlete realizes all things are possible within our walls, they will take that attitude and strive for success outside our walls.

We want to affiliate to proudly bring all that is CrossFit to our community. We want to empower our athletes to believe that no obstacle is too large to overcome, that the impossible is possible. We want everybody to know that if they push themselves great things will happen. Everyone’s membership will come with a family, a family that is there for each other no matter what.  CrossFit will become the standard of fitness in our community, the goals we set for ourselves, and the lifestyle we will live by.