The On-Ramp program is designed to teach the foundational movements of CrossFit in a safe environment before moving into regular classes. We provide an educational and low-stress environment where new members can ask questions, receive instruction, and get to know the coaches at CrossFit56.

The elements program is a series of four classes held on Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 7:00pm beginning June 2nd. Each class will last a little longer than an hour.  We begin each session discussing the way classes are ran at CF56, the principals that make CrossFit work and so popular, and the theories behind the science. We than begin with a warm up, cover the basic CrossFit moves in detail, then implement a short wod reinforcing the skills learned from the day. After the wod we will demonstrate some cool down practices, talk about mobility, nutrition, and answer any questions! You must attend all classes before graduating the On Ramp Program. This is designed for anybody interested in CrossFit from the couch potatoes to world class athletes. If you have tried CrossFit before and are looking for a slower entry these classes are for you. This program also ties nicely into our shred classes.

Cost is $99. Once Onramp is completed your 3x/week membership will begin for one month.  You may use this membership for both CrossFit and Shred classes.  Sign up quick as spots are limited!

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