CrossFit 56 Endurance program is a running and endurance class for those seeking to improve their form, speed, and stamina, in a safe and welcoming environment. These classes are designed to improve the athletes race and distance goals, better their wod times, and increase overall fitness levels. Classes will involve a variety of running including track and speed work, interval training, hill work, and road race prep. We also mix in some rowing work, body weight interval running, and running drills. Unlike long boring jogs, our athletes will focus on building both speed and endurance without sacrificing strength. Whether your goals are to improve your mile, lower your 5k time, dominate obstacle course races, be a better CrossFitter, or just become more fit in general these classes are for you.

CrossFit 56 Endurance is open to the general public and is designed to benefit everyone from a first time runner, to a seasoned vet. Classes are Thursdays @ 5:00pm. Cost is $5 per class and must be paid before class begins. Meet at CrossFit 56 and then we will head to various locations depending on the workout. Keep your eye on Facebook as some classes will be canceled due to bad weather. Use link below to sign up for class.

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