Beginning May 1st we will be slightly increasing two of our plan prices. Our Shred Classes will now be $7 a session or 10 classes for $60 and our 3x a week CrossFit option will increase to $70.
We understand nobody likes changes in pricing but we have taken great pride in not changing our pricing since our inception two and half years ago. Meanwhile the cost of running the facility has increased dramatically.
We believe we are offering a great product at a reasonable price. Comparatively our prices are some of the lowest around, not only in the area but in the country. We have been able to offer these prices without extended contracts and unlimited only options like most boxes. With the price increase we hope to offer more options to you great athletes such as expanding our already free open gyms, continuing our certifications, throwing more fun holiday and weekend gatherings, nutrition challenges, upgrading/expanding our equipment and athlete software, hopefully hiring on more coaches and etc…
This will automatically take place May 1st to auto debit athletes. Shred athletes can still use the old punch card. All discounts will remain in place. If you would like to change your plan or have any questions please email us.

Some of you may have already noticed a few different variations of the workout on the board. We are going to run with this system most days.
Some workouts will be listed as rx, rx+, and fitness, some workout will remain the same.
We believe with this system we can meet all athletes needs from the competitor style athlete, to the beginner just looking to get in shape.
The Rx+ wods will have a higher weight listed/more rounds/and or a more complex movement. This does not mean more advanced athletes have to do these workouts everyday. It also does not mean you have to ever try to achieve these workouts. They are just posted if any athletes feel the need to go a little harder that day.
The fitness level workouts will be listed with less weight, less time/rounds, or without advanced movements. These are not just for beginners. If you are sore from the week and want to just get a workout in this is a great option. This will help us as coaches create a more consistent programming routine for all athletes.
During the strength you might also see more options listed on certain days. This will be to accommodate all athletes. An example of a strength day might be
A) build to a 1rm squat clean
B) build to a heavy clean with perfect form
C) Build to a challenging front squat

Athletes can choose from this list depending on where they are and where they want to be. Again not everybody has to strive to reach level A and you don’t have to go level A or B everyday. Some of you are just there for a good workout and we understand that. We just want to put the options out for all our athletes.

We thank you for your making this community what it is and for your continued support. We can’t wait to see your progress and what the future brings!