During the last month we have been asked numerous times if we are going to post our wods the night before. We have contemplated on this, and gone back and forth 100 times. In the end we have decided not to post our wods the night before.

The intent of CrossFit is to prepare you for the unknown, and unknowable, by providing constantly varied movements. With knowledge of the wod the night before you are already mentally preparing yourself for the best way to approach the workout taking away the unknowable aspect of CrossFit. By knowing the wod you might treat the previous day differently, say not going for a light jog in the evening because there is running in tomorrow’s wod. Or better yet coming up with excuses like ” I can’t help you move that couch because we are squatting tomorrow.”

Often times we see new athletes afraid to walk into our doors because they have heard CrossFit is tough. We’ll they are right, CrossFit is tough. What most people don’t understand is that CrossFit can be done by anybody and everybody. If a prospective client sees a workout posted the night before they might automatically give up on trying a class because “that workout looks too hard.” What they fail to see is that we will modify any, and all, wods to make it suitable for any newcomber all the way up to a world class athlete. Everybody gets something out of each workout, and every workout is doable!

We often see a lot of current athletes cherry pick which wods they want to attend. They will see a workout that has one or two of their weaknesses in it and decide they can take that day off. We hear “I suck at those, i’m not going today” or “we did legs yesterday” or “burpees, heck no!” We program for a broad spectrum of fitness. We do not just program to make you better at your strengths, but also to improve your weakness. We also program for each week individually as well as 5-6 week strength cycles. We do not just throw random workouts at you and hope for the best! You will be efficient at certain wods more so than others, but we want to see you be awesome at everything!

With all that being said we will start posting our wod every evening. All wods will be posted under WOD section of the website. This will give current CrossFit56 athletes a chance to participate if you happen to miss a day and want to stay current, and will also give us a running diary to look back upon and see how far we have come! What a great way for you to prove to your friends why your workout was 100 times better than their 5 minute stint on the elliptical, and chest and tri Monday! Please feel free to comment your times, reps, and weights on each workout, as well as any other information such as what you would do differently next time. Let’s grow our CrossFit56  family beyond our class size!

~Showing up is half the battle~