Getting Started.

We’ve made it easy. Here are three great options.

Onramp Classes

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1) Attend our On Ramp Sessions

If you are looking for an in depth intro to CrossFit then our On Ramp program is the place to begin. This two week (4 class), intro series will have you ready to join our normal classes at full speed. Each class we will warm up properly, practice proper techniques and safety, introduce the CrossFit foundation movements, and end each session with a short wod. During these classes we will also discuss proper nutrition, mobilization tools, and cool down techniques.  This option comes with a one month membership 3 classes/week membership. Classes are capped at 8 athletes. Price is $99

Shred Classes

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2) Attend 3 Shred Classes

Shred classes are a great place to begin CrossFit as the classes are fast paced and well rounded.  These classes are not beginner classes but the movements will be scaled to your fitness levels. We mimic the CrossFit philosophies without the complicated Oly Lifts, or the intimidating heavy lifts.  Each class begins with a warm up, instruction, then the workout of the day. Just like CrossFit the movements are constantly varied, function movements, performed at high intensity. classes are held Tuesday & Thursdays at 8:30am and 6:00pm. Cost is $6 per class

Try a free class

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3) Schedule a free class

If your ready to get started on your journey into CrossFit give a class a try. You will work right along with a regular CrossFit class as your own personal coach walks your through the movements, terminology, and scaling options. This will give you a feeling of how CrossFit classes are ran with individualized attention. The first class is free. You must email us and set up a time as we like to be prepared for the class.