Shred Classes are a dynamic mix of body weight exercises, light weight strength training, hit and interval training to push your body to the next level. We implement the same methodologies as CrossFit without the heavy strength training and Olympic lifts. Our classes are geared around high intensity, multifunctional movements, that change daily to ensure a powerful and effective full body workout.
These cardio driven sessions last 45 minutes and use exercise such as squats, sit ups, box jumps, Kettle bells, running, and lightweight barbell & dumbbell movements. Each session begins with a warm up, instruction, then workout of the day. Don’t worry about not knowing what you are doing as each session is coached thoroughly, all workouts are scalable, and no beginner class is required! Shred classes are designed to fit all fitness levels, promote fat loss and muscle toning, and help you reach your goals.
Shred classes can be taken in addition to your CrossFit classes, or separately. It is also a great place to begin a journey into CrossFit. Classes are $7.00 per session or purchase a 10 punch pass for $60. Current CrossFit 56 members may use their punch passes for the class as well. Come feel what it’s like to have coaches and a community inspire you, lose weight, tone up, and get shredded!